17 Remington Fireball Brass Case - 100 Rounds
17 Remington Fireball

17 Remington Fireball Brass Case - 100 Rounds

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17 Remington Fireball brass converted from once fired military 5.56 using a 4 forming die process. Cases have been full length sized and primer pockets have been swaged. Case minimum and maximum length along with all other specifications are to SAAMI specifications for 17 Remington Fireball and verified using an L.E. Wilson case gauge.

The wall thickness of the necks is .0151".

The cases have been full length sized but it is recommended to neck size the brass during reloading to ensure proper tension on the bullet. Cases will also benefit from annealing and fire forming.
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Varmint Hunter/Reloader
17 FB brass is impossible to find and the factory brass I currently have is worn out. So I took a chance on the converted 223 stuff that is offered by High Plains. When my brass order arrived I did comparison measurements and concluded that their brass should work. Just as a precaution I resized and rechecked the case length, which was fine. Primer’s seated in the pockets without any issue. Loaded 15 test rounds with my normal 19gr. H355 and topped them off with the Hornady 25gr. hp bullet. Range test firing went well with all rounds chambering and firing normally. All fired cases look normal and the target grouping was slightly better than my old factory brass. I’m happy with the results and have ordered 300 more cases from High Plains.
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Reviewed by:  from Oroville, Ca.. on 4/14/2015
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17 rem fireball
I bought 100 pcs to try at the last minute for a praire dog hunt in montana was very happy of how the cases looked all I did was anneal, deburred, loaded and fireformed while hunting after I neck sized ,trimmed to length and polished and didn't loose any cases due to neck splitting
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Reviewed by:  from pennsylvania. on 10/27/2015
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17 FB brass
Keeping in mind this is mixed head stamp once fired brass that has been most likly put through a AR type rifle, this brass does ok with a fair deal of prep work. I ended up loosing well over 10 percent of 300 pieces purchased, split necks and sholders. Size, neck turn and be sure to properly anneal this brass and you will likly be satisfied with the fruits of your labor. Dinged up rims can prove a little frustrating. My experience is this is a viable option though I have a strong preference for forming Lapua 221 fireball Brass to 17 Fireball with 1 more sizing step through my bullet seater die, as my loss rate is near zero and the new brass eliminates need to deal w dinged up rims. In either case properly annealing B4 1st firing may be highly recommended.
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Reviewed by:  from NE South Dakota. on 5/15/2015
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17 Rem Fireball
Very nice brass. Works awesome
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Reviewed by:  from Plymouth. on 3/14/2015
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Just received my order of 300 rounds .17 rem fireball. Brass is emaculate. Everything specs out great. I’ve necked down some 221 fireball of my own and didn’t turn out this good. Fantastic brass for the price. Oh yes and they sent more than 300 pcs
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Reviewed by:  from La Grange Texas . on 12/26/2017

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